Why RomneyExperience?

In the dialogue surrounding Mitt Romney’s candidacy, there’s a hole.  There are plenty of people saying things about Romney’s faith- that it disqualifies him, that it doesn’t, or that it shouldn’t come up at all.  But in the middle of the noise, there’s a vacuum of information about that faith.  Most of Romney’s defenders want to avoid the topic because to offer details about the Mormon religion in this context would legitimize the faith-based attacks.  This is partly true.  And yet, if the debate goes on without any real light being shed on what Mitt’s Mormonism really means, that black hole may grow large enough to swallow the momentum Romney’s campaign has so far enjoyed.  It has also become clear in the early stages of this campaign that members of the mainstream media find it difficult to locate reliable sources and information on this topic.

RomneyExperience was born to fill that void.  This site will offer general support of Mitt Romney in his candidacy for the white house, but more specifically, it will provide focused information meant to counter the ever more frequent misinformation being published in the political sphere about the LDS church and its beliefs.  It will also act as a clearinghouse for reporters and others seeking accurate sources of information on LDS topics.  The objective is to answer the question “What does Romney’s religious experience mean for his judgment, character,  policy positions and leadership style?”  Hence the name of this site (which also refers to Romney’s most valuable asset, his unmatched experience leading organizations to success).

This is not a Mormon apologetics blog.  Detailed doctrinal defenses may be found elsewhere, and RomneyExperience will happily point curious readers to such sources.  Rather, this site will provide accurate descriptions of Mormon beliefs designed to counter bigoted and inaccurate sources speaking in the political arena that seek to use this religion to tear down Romney’s campaign.  And if recent history indicates what’s to come, we can expect to see many more such attacks.

 We do not believe that Romney’s Mormonism should be paid any more attention in the present campaign than Giuliani’s Catholicism or McCain’s Episcopalianism.  However, as long as others continue to raise the issue and spread untruths about Mormonism, RomneyExperience will provide quick and accurate rebuttals and analysis.

 If you come across a story you believe deserves a response, please send a tip to Ryan@romneyexperience.com