New RomneyExperience Features: Resources and Attacks

Several new features have been added to RomneyExperience, accessible from the navigation bar at the top of this page.

First, the resources page offers various web and print resources that will be helpful to the public and the press in understanding Mormonism in the upcoming campaign. This page will be updated regularly. Tips or suggestions welcome. (Please forgive the temporary formatting problems).

Second, the attacks page is also up. This contains links to all of the most prominent attacks made on Mitt Romney’s religion over the course of the presidential campaign. Readers may click through to the attacks made by Jacob Weisberg, Damon Linker, and Garry South, among others. Over time, this page will come to be an extensive catalogue of the intolerance leveled at Mormons in the political sphere. Hopefully it will not grow too much larger.

RomneyExperience will also be responding to each of the attacks on that page. The first RomneyExperience rebuttal has been posted, refuting Damon Linker’s claim that a Mormon President would be a puppet for the Mormon Church. You can find it here. Other responses will be posted shortly.

And of course, look for new features coming in the days ahead.