Is Bruce Reed for Real?

Given that he’s accusing everyone else of being fictional, we might as well ask him the same thing.

That’s right, in his latest smear, Reed takes Tagg Romney to task for . . . the fact that a possibly fictional person has written blog posts about him and even commented on his blog. Do we really want a president that has a son that receives notes from fictional people? Also, Tagg is a cyborg, like his father- so stiff he’s “frozen,” . . . but he also shoots from the hip, preferring to “speak first and ask poll questions later.” Also, Tagg is a square . . . but he has a frat-boy sense of humor.

Perhaps these contradictions are just signs of good nuanced fiction. One hopes that is what Reed is aspiring to write here, because this bizarre, derisive piece would look far more at home coming out of a community college creative writing program than from one of our preeminent online magazines.

Slate’s campaign to brand Romney and his family as too good to be true (an angle of attack inextricably linked with the “up with people vibe of [their] cultural Mormonism” as Andrew Sullivan has unctuously put it) continues. But the latest episode is not worth serious response. I think this blogger’s take is much better fitted to Reed’s brand of “journalism.” (And funnier than Reed, too).

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