Actual Thinking About How Faith Might Inform a Romney Presidency

I wanted to post a link to this insightful letter written in response to an article in the American Spectator about a new addition to Romney’s Faith and Values Steering Committee.

I highlight this letter not because I agree with its analysis- indeed, I think some of its political conclusions are rather strident.  Rather, this is one example of how commentators might actually think about the real ways in which Mormonism could influence a President Mitt Romney.  Of course, it’s admittedly unreliable to infer knowledge about how Romney would govern from the respect Mormons generally feel for the Constitution and the founding.  But at least this writer attempts to get past the polls and the cliches about the Mormon impediment in the horserace, to analyze the heart of important issues.

I will do my best to post links to good analysis of how Mormonism influences Mormon politicians as I see them.