Mitt Romney’s Tithing: Conflict of Interest?

 This post by NRO’s Jim Geraghty highlights one concern about Mitt Romney’s Mormonism (the concern is raised by a YouTube poster, not Geraghty)– that if elected, he would pay part of his salary to the LDS Church, thereby making him financially interested in the Church, which would raise the possibility that he might favor the Church in his administration. The YouTube poster also worries that Romney’s tithing would consist of taxpayer dollars being paid to the LDS Church.

Geraghty effectively rebuts this position (taxpayer dollars? The person receiving the salary can do whatever he wants with it), but he misses one key point. It is true that faithful Mormons donate 10 percent of their incomes to the Church, which in the case of the president would amount to approximately $40,000. However, Mitt Romney has made it clear that he would not accept a salary as president, which completely neutralizes this issue. Thus, the tithing issue is not one on which Mitt Romney is vulnerable to attack.

(HT: Article 6 Blog, of course).