ABC News Gets it Right

I meant to post about this last week, but Friday got away from me. Hot off the refreshing fairness of the Christian Science Monitor’s write-up of Romney’s religion, ABC News ran this story on Friday. The segment focuses on one small piece of Mormon experience- the Hill Cumorah Pageant, a large outdoor theatrical production put on by volunteers in upstate New York.

There’s not a lot of focus on Romney in the piece, so it’s not in the sweet spot for this site to cover. But it’s worth mentioning simply because it follows the guidelines RomneyExperience has always advocated for, namely when talking about Mormons, 1. give at least some of the airtime to Mormons themselves, and 2. Mormon experience is always more important to understanding Mormons than is Mormon theology. The result is not a biased picture that always casts Mormons in a perfect light. Note that there’s plenty to see here from which you could conclude that these people are a bit kooky. But the portrayals are by Mormons themselves, and are mixed with the warmth and enthusiasm of actual people, instead of the dry weirdness that surrounds many journalists’ loaded summaries of Mormon belief. If Mormons are going to be presented as slightly peculiar (as they sometimes do, of course), it’s only fair to let them do the presenting.

Kudos to ABC’s Dan Harris (whom I’ve criticized in this space before) and Mary Marsh for a bit of fair and enlightened journalism.