New Defenses

A few new defenses worth noting:

Dinesh D’souza writes about the difference between Mormon theology (weird, according to him) and Mormon morality (completely normal and laudable in every way, according to him).  He argues that the former is meaningless for voters, while the latter is crucial.  Good point.

Michael Medved reviews September Dawn, the upcoming flick about an episode of 19th century Mormon violence.  Medved makes the very good point that Mormons generally take their public opinion licks pretty well, with no signs of rioting in the streets or driving explosives laden cars into crowds.  Given this, Medved argues that Hollywood’s drive to portray Mormons as terrorists, while giving Islamic Jihadists a complete pass, is a little suspicious.  This is not a Romney-focused argument, but it’s nice to see a vigorous defense of a minority religious community that is full of nothing if not good citizens.  And  by the way, we’ll have more on the Mountain Meadows Massacre in this space soon enough.