Reader Responses Requested

Several readers have emailed to alert me to these two articles by columnist Mark Davis, both of which complain that Romney has not been sufficiently juicy in commenting on his religion.  Needless to say, I think these arguments are pure nonsense.  But unfortunately, I just can’t find the time to offer a proper response today.

So let’s see what the readers have to say.  If you think, as I do, that Mark Davis is badly misguided, consider writing up one or two paragraphs summarizing your thoughts, and sending it to me at  I’ll post the ones I enjoy the most.  That way you’re doing my work for me, and I’m free to do my real work.  Everyone wins.  And by the way, winners will receive a free mention on a prominent Romney-religion related blog.

Or, if you’re all just as busy as I am, we can wait until another day to put up a real response to these articles.  It’s up to you.