Romney on the Massacre

Just to add a brief follow-up to the the earlier substantive post on the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the Washington Post (via AP) story on Romney’s response to September Dawn is worth a look. It has the most substantive comments I know of on the topic from Romney himself:

“That was a terrible, awful act carried out by members of my faith,” Romney said during an interview Wednesday. “There are bad people in any church and it’s true of members of my church, too.”

“I hope on average we’re better than we would have been as a faith group by virtue of our religious teachings,” he said. “But there certainly can be some extremes, some very bad people.”

Romney rejected the claim by some that Brigham Young, then the president of the Mormon church, shared direct responsibility for the attack.

Nice to hear the candidate himself weigh in and emphasize his own condemnation of the killers. These comments should be enough to completely end any attempt to link Romney with the story of the massacre.

And for those interested, there is no shortage of enlightened commentary on September Dawn and its overinflated attempts at relevance.