RomneyExperience on Fox News, Friday September 28

SECOND UPDATE: You can view the video here.

UPDATED: Fox Says the story will likely be the second piece played, so look for airing around 6:04 Eastern Time.

Just a note for loyal R.E. readers, I was interviewed today by Fox News’ Major Garrett for a piece he’ll be filing tomorrow. I believe the focus is on the Rally for Romney that’s being held in Salt Lake tomorrow, but my comments were all regarding the Romney-religion angle.

I’ll post further details about exact air times tomorrow, but I’m told the piece will be shown during Special Report with Brit Hume, which I believe comes on at 6:00 Eastern. More details tomorrow.

Also, I hope to participate at tomorrow’s Romney for Rally in Salt Lake City. Send an email if you plan to be there, or would be up for receiving a fundraising call from me tomorrow.