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In the past few weeks there have been a lot of things happening related to the topics of this blog– Romney and Mormonism. Most of them, however, are the type of thing more deserving of a link than the full-fledged-RomneyExperience-bloviation treatment. Here are some of the items most worthy of note:

First, there’s a very interesting, and somewhat high-profile battle going on over at the Fray, Slate’s discussion forum, regarding how Mitt Romney’s religion may or may not disqualify him from holding the Presidency. There have been a lot of intelligent comments from those who know Mormonism from this inside, and one of the Fray’s editors specifically invited R.E. readers to join in. As long-time readers of this site may know, Slate has not been particularly friendly to the rights of Mormons-running-for-president, so this invitation is a pleasant surprise. So please, make your way over there and give ’em what for. (And by the way, RomneyExperience hopes to post by tomorrow a full response to the insipid comments that started it all off, so check back soon).

Seeing the spike in interest brought on by the Romney candidacy, the LDS Church (decidedly neutral as to Romney) has ramped up its own outreach: launching a Public Affairs YouTube Channel, hosting a national online press conference, and announcing plans to send senior leaders to make presentations to newspaper editorial boards nationwide.  Perhaps taking their cue from this blitz, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and Kansas City Star all follow with positive, in-depth stories about the LDS Faith.

Elsewhere (and I’m really late on this, but in the interest of completeness . . .) lots of stories on how Romney may well be picking up traction among that mysterious, monolithic, absolutely homogenous group of people referred to as “Evangelicals.” Could it be that the media has found a new narrative for the next month?

Of course, what sparked the flood was this five-page letter by Mark DeMoss written to scores of prominent evangelical leaders, asking them to support Romney after considering the (inferior) alternatives. Given the buzz that letter started, and if its effects continue to snowball into real support throughout the ranks of the Christian right, it may go down as one of the most influential pieces of presidential propaganda in our lifetimes. Needless to say, it’s worth reading.

Regular bloviating to resume shortly . . .

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