Breaking: Romney Will Give “The Speech” This Week

The New York Times, Salt Lake Tribune, and many others have the story.  This speech, and the anticipation leading up to it, will dominate headlines and news discussions all over.  All the outcomes and reactions and doomsday scenarios we’ve seen hundreds of pundits and commentators predict will now get a real test.  I personally wish he wouldn’t.  But that may just be more of a wish that he didn’t have to.

Either way, Governor Romney is an extremely good communicator, and has the chops to make this speech work for him.  If there’s one thing that defines the Romney campaign so far, which has been far from perfect, it’s this: the operation has a pitch perfect sense for the events that really, really matter, and always nails those specific crossroads moments.  From the opening fundraisers to the first debate to the CPAC speech to Ames, Romney has alway excelled at the tentpole moments.  And if there ever was one of those, this is it.

Hold on to your hats, folks.  This will be a very interesting week in politics and religion.  And of course, check back here for updates and responses.