Article VI

Article VI of the U.S. Constitution is having a great year. Rarely has it been as famous as it is right now. It is regularly invoked as a guiding principle in America’s management of the relationship between religion and government. It’s even lent its name to a pretty good blog. Now it’s getting an even snazzier treatment: Hollywood!

Okay, maybe not Hollywood per se, but it is being made into a movie. Here’s the trailer to the upcoming film “Article VI.”

The film also received a nice writeup today at Its basic purpose is to help people understand the ways in which they bring religious preconceptions and criteria to their political behavior, and maybe help people be a bit more open-minded on these issues. I’ve only seen the trailer, but I’m hearing good things about this movie, which will be released right in the middle of primary season, mid-January. Take a look and pass the word along.