Early Reactions

Early reactions appear to be largely very positive for Romney’s speech. First Read lists mostly glowing reactions from several conservative commentators. The Fix also has some good discussion of what did and did not work. I’ll update this post throughout the day with other good takes on this speech.

UPDATE: Chris Matthews on the speech: “For the first time in this campaign, it’s long already, I heard greatness this morning.”  Not bad.

David Brody also seems to have loved it, watching it in person.  I found Brody’s closing paragraph especially cogent:

Bottom line: With an American President introducing him, American flags behind him, family hugs on stage and a speech written by him that was delivered from his heart, this day could indeed turn out to be the beginning of Mitt Romney’s ascension to the Presidency. All the candidates wish they could capture a moment like this. But they aren’t Mormon. In that way, maybe, in a way, Romney’s Mormonism could actually end up helping him rather than hurting him.