Reader Email: Romney only said “Mormon” once? Who cares

I enjoyed these comments from reader Shawn:

One of the earliest and most prevalent criticisms of Governor Romney’s speech yesterday is that he only mentioned the word “Mormon” once, while Kennedy said the word “Catholic” some 20 times in his speech.  They say this as if Romney is still trying to distance himself from the church.  This should be unbelievable to anybody who actually saw or read the speech, especially based on his statement that “Some believe that such a confession of my faith will sink my candidacy. If they are right, so be it.”  These are hardly words of somebody trying to distance himself from his church in pursuit of the presidency.

In addition, this criticism is horrible based on the fact that the purpose of Mitt Romney‘s speech was very different than JFK‘s speech.  Romney’s speech was obviously about uniting all faiths, and about celebrating the diversity (or “symphony”) of faiths that we enjoy in this country.  And he did this in the context of the founding and history of our nation.  The country needed this speech much more than Mitt Romney needed this speech.  In the Five Brothers Blog, Governor Romney’s son Matt said that whether or not this will help him, his dad “felt it needed to be said.”  Not to take away from the power of JFK‘s speech, but his purpose was simply to debunk the idea that he would take orders from the Vatican.

Lastly, it’s quite interesting to note that although Governor Romney only said “Mormon” once, he said “my church” or “ my faith” eleven times.  When he did say “Mormon” he said, “…my Mormon faith” in profession of his belief in it.  Comparatively, JFK only used “my church” two times.  The consistent use of the word “my” does anything but distance Romney from his faith.  It shows his embrace of it, his love of it, and his devotion to it.  It shows that he has taken personal ownership of his beliefs.

Hear hear.  How idiotic is it that we’re breaking down a speech based on control-f word searches?  Is this the best our commentariat can do?  If the vaunted “word search critique” suggests that Romney distanced himself from his faith, shouldn’t it be cross-checked against, you know, the actual message of the speech?  Pathetic.

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