Off the Deep End

In the build up to Mitt Romney’s speech on Faith in America, some worried that this would open the door for harsher attacks on the specific tenets of Mormonism. Thankfully, Romney refused to delve into the controversial topics of his faith, which appeared to close that door. Some people, however, really wanted the door to open, so they’re carrying on as if it has been removed from its hinges.

And speaking of unhinged, let’s go to the video. What you are about to see is a political analyst and guest participant on the McLaughlin Group actually losing his mind on camera. We know this because everything he says is actually false or completely shorn of any helpful context. He rants about Romney’s speech being the “worst political speech of my lifetime,” because Romney refused to answer questions about Mormonism’s racist past. Bonus topics include Mormons being pro-slavery (the most ridiculous and obviously false charge I’ve ever heard about Mormons), and Romney’s polygamist ancestors (Note Pat Buchanan’s completely dispositive rebuttal). Let’s go to the tape:

I hope you caught the man’s basis for making such authoritative statements regarding Mormonism: He’s an actor on Big Love. So obviously he knows whereof he speaks. Especially since Big Love “has been a real headache for Mitt Romney.” You have to love the self-flattery.

For whatever reason, the accusation of Mormon racism has risen to the level of a meme now, so it’s time to address it. I wanted to put the above video out there to introduce the topic (admittedly because it puts the accusers in a rather bad light), but there are of course others with the same questions. This week, we’ll answer the question of whether Mormons are Racists. Stay tuned.

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