Attacks and Defenses

The below is a list of some of the more high-profile attacks made on Romney based on his religion. Responses to each will be posted in due course.

Jacob Weisberg, Slate Magazine

RomneyExperience Response: Jacob Weisberg and the Mystical Art of Political Divination
Damon Linker, The New Republic

RomneyExperience Response: Why the LDS Church Could Never Control a Mormon President

Bushman Response

Ken Woodward, New York Times

Garry South,

NEW: RomneyExperience Response: Scandal: Mormons Think Their Church is True!

Greenstreet and Young, Huffington Post

Al Sharpton

Bill Keller (Part I)

RomneyExperience Response (Coming Soon)

Bill Keller (Part II)

RomneyExperience Response: The Reverend Bill Keller– God’s Gift to Debunkers

Matthew Yglesias and Ross Douthat

RomneyExperience Response: Has Mormonism Already Been Proven False?

Christopher Hitchens, Slate Magazine

NEW: RomneyExperience Response: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens 


A Mormon President? The LDS Difference, Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp, The Christian Century

Michael Gerson, Washington Post

Chris Rawlings, Denver Post

Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

John Fund, WSJ Opinion Journal

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